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Bleach 458 is Out

If you can see this post, you are one of the lucky few. (LJ is undergoing DDoS attacks.)

Bleach 458 is up at MangaStream.

Looks like bonefield was right :3 \o/\o/ *sends her blueberries as a reward*

Ichigo worries over Ginjou and whether Ginjou's been affected by Tsukishima's powers. The relief on Ichigo's face in this page is heartbreaking when Ginjou says that he still sees Ichigo as a nakama. I just want to hug Ichigo.

Ginjou theorizes about Tsukishima's powers, how they are activated, and their timing. Can't tell at this point how much of Ginjou's "theories" is true and how much is bullshit that Ginjou invents to keep the pretense going.

ISHIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~! You're up and about and apparently (?) well, sweet boy ;__________;

Ichigo questions whether Ishida is on his side. There's a tense few pages with Ichigo and Ishida going back and forth, with Ishida telling Ichigo to "come here" (as reported in the spoilers post, Ishida uses the same phrase Ulquiorra did to Orihime, lolol) and him insisting that he's still on Ichigo's side until...

Ishida reveals the person who attacked him was Ginjou.

Okay, that was actually a surprise, at least to me. We saw Ishida chasing Tsukishima, so I guess Tsukishima lured Ishida away, and some point after that, Ginjou cut Ishida up.

Ginjou's scary face looms. Ishida tries to attack him but is unsuccessful. Ginjou then slices Ichigo, and while Ishida's distracted, Tsukishima strikes him from behind. (Since Ishida is bleeding, he may not have been bookmarked? Though who knows if that's relevant anymore since Ginjou was the one who actually cut Ishida.)

Ginjou goes full-on evil mode, complete with maniacal laughter, crazy eyeballs, and villain droopy bangs. He brings out the "shinigami substitute" badge he had (in quotes since we still don't know what the badge is actually for) and affixes it to his sword.

Ichigo thinks that Ginjou really was affected by Tsukishima, but he is corrected. Ginjou reveals that he had been under Tsukishima's power, but he had been cut once already prior to last chapter. Being cut a second time (i.e., his being cut last chapter) undoes/reverses Tsukishima's ability, so Ginjou is now himself again. Therefore, as many of us had guessed, Ginjou is actually evil. *insert complete and utter lack of surprise here* And, of course, he wants Ichigo's Fullbring power.

Since Tsukishima is just letting Ginjou do whatever he wants and helped cut down Ishida, bonefield's theory that Ginjou and Tsukishima are working together seems spot-on. Of course that doesn't negate double-double-crossing in the future, but for now they're on the same side.

bonefield theorizes that Ginjou was bookmarked when the other Fullbringers were supposedly bookmarked by Tsukishima (i.e., after Ichigo had completed his training with Ginjou, and before Ginjou found Ichigo after Ichigo ran away from Tsukishima and Ikumi) so that Ginjou would be more believable to Ichigo. That makes sense. Ginjou attacked Ishida, so he wasn't under Tsukishima's control at that point, and IMO his "training" with Ichigo was too sadistic to be "Ginjou in his good guy mode" at that time, too.

What's still up in the air is whether the other Fullbringers are bookmarked, but given Riruka's uneasiness and obvious guilt several chapters ago, I'm just going to guess they're probably not.

Ichigo gets stabbed by Ginjou, and the chapter title finally appears: "End of All Bonds" ;___; ;____________; Ichigoooooooooooo.

With Ichigo's friends and family all injured or bookmarked, and having been betrayed by Ginjou, who's left? None other than Urahara, Isshin, and the mysterious shinigami, finally? Maybe? Hopefully?

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