Kylara (karenai) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach 458 Spoilers

Some spoiler pics after the cut (from Annie via Baidu). Any translations are from Nacchan. Link is also up at Bleach Asylum.

ginjou : "I also thought of you as my nakama"
Ichigo : "is that so, I'm glad"
[rest too small to read]

I'm quoting dear Nacchan on this: OH LOOOOL ISHIDA USING ULQUIORRA'S LINE XDD Ulq "ore to koi onna" // Uryuu "kochi he koi kurosaki"

SO FAR, it appears that Ishida was actually cut by Tsukishima, not bookmarked, because he bled. Ichigo was cut by Ginjou.

Thanks Annie! Also, in my humble opinion, to me it looks like Ros is right, so she should claim some sort of reward :P

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