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Bleachness Fanworks Post 6/24/11

Hope everyone who went to SDCC is having fun! Jackie got an Ichigo body pillow :x  Hope she shows it to us. ;x

Just some pix I loved here. I'm under the weather but drawing. This is Rukia, NSFW:  http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/No-More-Options-244344334  Forgive anatomy. I'm working on it. Peggy didn't help me this time because I did it quick. :(

Also, by others I've loved, haha, Peggy's own Rukia portrait: http://peca06.deviantart.com/art/Rukia-portrait-244321701

An UlquiHime that feels like summer: http://anezumi.deviantart.com/art/summer-date-244235278

A Rusky Boz IchiRuki. Don't miss the magazine cover detail: http://rusky-boz.deviantart.com/art/IR-i-promise-you-forever-244152585

In case you missed this one, lololololololol based on recent spread: http://rusky-boz.deviantart.com/art/ulquiorra-has-a-maid-fetish-221225010

For the IchiIshi fans: http://hiddengems.deviantart.com/art/I-Think-She-d-Love-You-244009343

I wonder what Sensei's next spread will be. This last one was announcing the festival on Aug 7 but the real anniversary is in the last week of August.
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