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Bleach 457 is out

Bleach 457 is up at MangaStream.

That was a fast read. I wasn't really impressed with all the "action" and dramatic action scan lines, since the fighting wasn't really amazing.

Butler-san throws numbers from his watch at Ginjou, and Riruka has some kind of doll thing that looks sort of like Charlotte from Madoka Magica.

Ginjou definitely had no clue who ShiShi was.

My reaction to ShiShi's jackpot power was: "So he's Setzer from Final Fantasy VI, only he's not awesome, hot, sexy, or debonair." (But he's fighting with his hands, so maybe he's supposed to be Tifa from FFVII.) It's still a neat power, the ability to manipulate probability, though it's not clear if the probability is only linked to things ShiShi does with his hands (i.e., punching something or flipping a coin), if it affects the probability of anything he does, or if it has a greater sphere of influence.

Getsuga Tenshou...! D: D: D: D: Ichigo...

Tsukishima says that Ichigo has merged his shinigami powers and Fullbringer powers together, so presumably the Getsuga Tenshou is part of Ichigo's shinigami powers, not just a Fullbringer power that Ichigo happened to name "Getsuga Tenshou." (Annie suggested Ichigo might name his Fullbring power "Zangetsu," and I imagined a very irritated Zangetsu and shota!Zangetsu in my head with "Do Not Want" faces.) So not only is Ichigo faster, his powers are now, apparently, both shinigami and Fullbringer completely merged.

Does this mean we'll see Zangetsu soon? I prefer Ichigo in his shinigami robes with Zangetsu (either meat cleaver or Bankai form), rather than him dressed as Rave!Spider-Tron. Or did Tsukishima mean the shinigami powers and fullbringer powers have merged to form a new entity/type of power? Or was Tsukishima being more general and/or guessing?

Tsukishima's face is "just as planned." 'Oh, awesome, having Ichigo fall into despair by manipulating his friends made him complete his power. Time to eat!' This chapter makes it clear that Tsukishima wanted Ichigo to develop his powers; the question is still why - so he could make Ichigo his minion/eat him/some other thing? In any case, it seems evident that he chased Ichigo around for these past few chapters, rather than cutting him right away, because he didn't know the progress/status of Ichigo's powers. However, now that he knows Ichigo's done, it's time to slaughter the cow and make Ichigo-steaks.

Poor Ichigo D: Chad and Inoue defend Tsukishima again. Chad's oddly mute about Ichigo saying he doesn't want to fight them. Tsukishima uses his human shields as a decoy to attack Ichigo from the back -

And Ginjou goes down, taking the stab meant for Ichigo. Not going to lie - those pages have major Ginjou/Ichigo shipper vibes.

At the end, Ishida flies through the air looking determined.

Now that Ginjou's plummeted to the ground, I don't know how the next chapter will start off. Ichigo flies after Ginjou? Tsukishima and Ichigo fight pointlessly for another five pages? I would predict that Ishida would arrive next chapter, but I thought he'd actually arrive this chapter (and not merely be shown to be in transit)...
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