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Bleach 456 is out

Bleach 456 is up at MangaReader.

The MangaStream version is up also.

The spread is so adorable and is a huge improvement of the feet spread from a while back. Ichigo (in a terrible jacket), Rukiaaaaaargh, the nakama, several of the more popular shinigami (well, Kira is popular in Japan), Urahara Shouten represented, Shinji and Hiyori for the Vizards, KOONNNNNN, Aizen and Gin, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, and also Ginjou and Tsukishima. I'm probably reading too much into the fact that Tsukishima is the chef, Ginjou looks like the maître d', and the brainwashed nakama are waiters and maids; maybe it's just the humans who are the staff at this anniversary celebration.

As expected, Inoue healed Tsukishima's arm.

Inoue and Chad look so sad at Ichigo having gone crazy.

Tsukishima's taken credit for Ichigo's battles and victories, the bastard. He's now another nakama to Inoue and Chad, and in their minds, it's due to Tsukishima's help that Ichigo always won.

It seems that Tsukishima's lackey is a Fullbringer, too, and he'll be fighting Ginjou. However, it's a bit surprising that Ginjou doesn't know the lackey, that he's a Fullbringer or what his power is, so that makes me reconsider the theory that Ginjou's working with Tsukishima.

Tsukishima explains that his power doesn't affect memories. Rather, he inserts himself into other people's pasts however he wants, and it's only Ichigo who now doesn't share the same past as everyone else. Oddly, Tsukishima says he now will fix that - presumably, he could have done that at any point prior to this, so why the delay on his part, and what does he really want? Is it just more mind-fucking?

The dig at Ginjou is sort of cute.

Poor Chad and Ichigo. These pages were moving, what with the angst between the nakama. Inoue looks unhappy at having to shield Tsukishima from Ichigo, and Chad doesn't want to fight Ichigo, but he does anyway. Chad declares that he didn't get stronger just so he could fight Ichigo, but he cuts Ichigo off before Ichigo can vocally echo those sentiments.

Tsukishima has gotten Ichigo to question why he got his powers back - all Ichigo wants to do is to protect all of his friends ("omae-ra"), and now this happens: he ends up having to fight against the very friends he wants to protect. Poor kid...

Note: As I was informed, the reason the Big Three are out earlier this week is because WSJ goes on sale in Japan this Saturday, rather than Sunday.
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