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New Bleach Poster and Mini-comic

Excellent goodies via Annie and IR FC.

First a Bleach spin-off, four panels style, that's going to appear in Jump for Kids. Artist is Ooba Atsushi. The Ichigo and Rukia here are chibis. I think they look creepy but some people may think they're cute.

See the news here at the IR FC at BA.

A poster that appears in Animedia magazine is drawn by the same artist that did the "Song For" ED animation--Ishikawa Tomomi. It shows Ichigo playing soccer with Hitsugaya while Matsumoto, Orihime and Rukia cheer on. Mats and Orihime wear bikini tops. Rukia and Mats wear hot pants. Rukia is shouting "do your best!" to Ichigo.

See the poster here in the IR FC at BA.

AND a new CM for the new Bleach musical here: http://rmbleach.com/video3.html  (you see Ichigo cradling dead!Rukia)

Oh and in case you missed it in earlier posts, junklover posted synopses of the new musical at burimyu here: http://burimyu.livejournal.com/194964.html
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