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Bleach 455 is Out

Bleach 455 is out on MangaReader.

ETA: MangaStream's version is up.

Ichigo attempts to attack Tsukishima, but Ginjou holds him back. In theory, it sounds like good, though rather generic, advice - "don't attack him without thinking" - but given Ginjou's skeeviness... Perhaps Ginjou wants to get Ichigo inside the mansion first to see his brainwashed friends, which Ginjou knows would push Ichigo over the edge even more. Besides that, Tsukishima had plenty of opportunity earlier to cut Ichigo; why would he start now? (Unless Ginjou means that he thinks Tsukishima can cut anything, so a cut would be physically lethal, which is not information that he's shared with Ichigo.)

I like how Tsukishima points out that he wouldn't set traps in the creepy old mansion - he'd have set traps in the creepy forest that Yukio led Ichigo and Ginjou through.

Inside is... Ichigo's surprise party with all of Ichigo's brainwashed family and friends! Hurray. Given that this chapter is being released in Japan during the week of Ichigo's birthday, this is a pretty fucked up "birthday" party from Kubo.

Ichigo runs away again, though this time he at least thinks that he can't kill Tsukishima with his friends in the way. What's startling is that Ichigo really thinks that he wants to kill Tsukishima. I know he said it last chapter, and that was screwed up, but to have him repeat it again, Ichigo-who-doesn't-kill-his-enemies, shows just how psychologically messed up Ichigo is. Before it was an idea; now it's an actual goal.

The other Fullbringers are upstairs. Yay, Jackie's okay! Though apparently brainwashed, or working with Tsukishima, or whatever.

Ginjou seems to contradict his earlier warning of "don't attack without thinking" by now encouraging Ichigo to go all out against Tsukishima. "It's okay, now that the stairs are gone and there's no way for you to escape since you're surrounded and on the second floor! And wasn't it nice, seeing all your brainwashed friends earlier telling you to apologize?!" And what will you be doing, Ginjou, while Ichigo attacks Tsukishima?

Ichigo powers up, does a Spider-man pose on the wall, and slices off Tsukishima's arm. Ichigo is not holding back at all, putting into practice his desire to kill Tsukishima. Though he reiterates his goal, a close-up of his face, however, shows that instead of a strong and determined look, there's a determined look with the "I'm so mentally fucked up" dark eye rings (which are used on Ichigo in every panel in this chapter).

Chad and Inoue then make a non-surprising appearance to protect Tsukishima, thus confirming the success of "Operation: Brainwash All of Ichigo's Nakama (Except Mayyyyybe Ishida!)". Inoue, of course, will restore Tsukishima's arm.

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