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27 June 2011 @ 02:32 pm
New Musical to celebrate 10th anniversary and IR Bond  

Just saw this at burimyu  here and Annie reported it here. The director of the new Bleach musical is saying that the show will celebrate the 10th anniversary and the IchiRuki bond. That's one way to draw the crowds. Well, the previous musicals were heavy on the IchiRuki too.

I miss Rukia in the manga so much I can't even worry about Ishida's next appearance that much so you know THAT'S BAD. Drew Rukias all weekend and this one came out the best so I colored it. Please don't look at the hands... eh I know I just made you look. Anyway, I'm sure Sensei's next drawing of her will be gorgeous--his last one was unusually lovely, and I've really had it with the long long wait. I've even quit wondering if her hair will be different when we see her. I don't care if she's bald. (Renji should've been able to purchase new sunglasses if he's budgeted his salary well in 17 months but I'll bet he'll smash them the next time we see him).

My Rukia: debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/Forget-Me-Not-215123087
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Danielwdboldstar on June 28th, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
Man, even over Ishida? That IS serious! :O

But I completely agree. Missing Rukia so much right now.

I figure that Tsukishima and Ginjou must be about to close the trap door on Ichigo. Maybe they drive him to do something really stupid to "regain his Shinigami powers." Then he regains them, and they trap him right away to drain them. Then Rukia to the rescue. Big 2 page color spread of Rukia in Bankai mode (She had time to learn it during the time jump, right) blocking Tsukishima and Ginjou just as they're about to use whatever evil vampire powers to drain Ichigo and BOOM. All is right with Bleach again.

at least I hope so.

Come back, Rukia. ;_;