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"I'll Fight Too" Chad gift art

So I dreamed one morning an hour before spoilers that Chad was playing soccer and was groggily disappointed when Ohana didn't make my dreams come true. That was a couple weeks ago when I was mightily frustrated with Bleach and fandom and then the car broke down and I had sewer pipe troubles and the plumber was late and every now and then I'd open email from a Russian spambot or some crazed shipper telling me to eat worms and die in so many misspellings. But then many of my enormously talented friends rallied me into fighting for my own sanity and one of those was skilly_n_duff :

"I'll Fight Too" A gift art for me by [info]skilly_n_duff  I just wanted to show it off to you. :)

So how about that last Bleach chapter eh? It was awesome. I nearly cried to look at the Bleach rankings in WSJ and see that Bleach was in the bottom five. I know that there are issues with the Lost Agent arc but in my view, the arc doesn't deserve this snubbing. Like a couple of friends of mine I went back and read the whole thing this week and it moves, it plays, the art is great (Sensei's so wonderful w/expressions), it puns and yes it lingers on doorknobs and donuts but in retrospect some of those Kubo teases work. The whole niggling and annoying "what oh what has Tsukishima done to Orihime?" that seemed like a plot point that would eventually focus on her alone became the sudden "OMG LOOK WHAT TSUKISHIMA HAS DONE TO THE WHOLE TOWN OF KARAKURA AND ALL ICHIGO'S BELOVED FRIENDS AND FAMILY!" in one fell swoop. This past chapter would not have worked so well without the excrutiating build-up of those tiny hints of Bookman's "friend power."

We've had other hints now too that may soon come to fruition--everyone's suspected Ginjou playing Ichigo like a fiddle since forever. I haven't forgotten the violin symbol on Ichigo's cardigan and now Ginjou shows up just when Ichigo most needs someone sane to trust. Tsukishima could've easily killed Ichigo or brainwashed him with one blow back at the Kurosaki house but instead drove him right into Ginjou's arms. Yeah, Ramen Guy and Bookman are lovers partners all right. And no, I haven't forgotten all the brocken spotlight/distortion of Ichigo's perception of Isshin and Urahara. Whatever Ichigo's daddy and mentor are up to should come into play soon, but given Ichigo's current state of mind and increasing paranoia, I expect more crazy and confusion.

Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Run run run run run run run away

I hope I haven't jinxed it but I expect Bleach to be so awesome now that the we've reached the apex of crazy. Ishida should appear soon and Rukia soon after? There's probably going to be a colorspread for Obon/Ichigo's birthday (not this coming week but the week after) and Bleach's 10 anniversary comes in August so yeah, things should be all fireworks for that. Please Sensei, I want to believe in you. Enough teasing. It's time to deliver--bring out the cake with big sparklers for candles.
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