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Bleach 453 is Out

Bleach 453 is out at

It's missing some pages at the end though. Missing pages were added.

I REALLY recommend using Adblock in Firefox or Chrome. I keep getting "BLOCKED EXPLOIT" notices in Norton, so the advertisements they use seem to be sketchy.

ETA: MangaStream's version is up as well.

Impressions are based on the MangaReader translation.

What an incredibly intense chapter. The emotions and atmosphere are great.

ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOO ;_____; You poor boy. We get to see him freak out, then as he realizes how much his sisters have been affected, he is increasingly freaked out. Then he gets HOLY SHIT FUCKING FREAKED OUT as he realizes all of his friends have been affected, too. Meanwhile, everyone else thinks he's acting funny, weird, or crazy.

We see a lot of familiar faces in this chapter - Yuzu and Karin, then the surprise visit by Tatsuki (with a "Diva" shirt), Mizuiro, and Keigo. And they're all brainwashed (presumably cut) by Tsukishima into believing he's just Cousin Shuu-chan/Tsukishima-san who's come to pay a visit. Tsukishima follows up by hinting to Ichigo that he's affected Chad and Orihime as well (which we as readers already knew).

I really liked the scene with Ichigo and Tatsuki. It brings back memories of their last major interaction, in HM arc, which was also antagonistic. This time, of course, Tatsuki's been brainwashed, so it's different, but I'm not happy with the way a lot of lingering emotional plot threads related to her got swept over, so to see aspects of those lingering plot threads in some form is nice. You can really see how "trapped" Ichigo felt when she confronted him: Tatsuki was trying to reason with him and make him act sane, and Ichigo only weakly argued against her.

Ichigo's so freaked out he breaks through the window to escape. ETA: Whoops. Ichigo flung Tsukishima so hard against the window that it broke. He then jumped out of that broken window.

Ikumi happens to drive by and picks up Ichigo. These pages are sweet and echo the "trust adults" sentiment she expressed a while back. Ikumi tries to comfort Ichigo with boobs, but too bad she's also been cut by Tsukishima.

Ichigo's beside himself and scared/freaked shitless - there's no one to trust, what with everyone apparently having gone insane or been mentally screwed with. Poor kid ;___;

Ichigo runs into Ginjou and learns that the other Fullbringers have fallen into Tsukishima's "trap." What "trap" does Ginjou mean, and how did Ginjou manage to escape it? Did Tsukishima cut the other Fullbringers, too?

Tsukishima proves himself to be the ultimate creeper who has successfully rode everyone's bicycle. Imagine him cutting everyone, then just casually sitting around, eating dinner with Karin and Yuzu while waiting for Ichigo to come home.

People have commented that this chapter is like a horror movie, a nightmare, or a serious mindfuck. Yes to all of the above.

For those who thought that the mystery shinigami was Rukia, this chapter further supports that by knocking Karin and Ikumi (popular guesses) from the running. And to those who still suspected Urahara and Isshin of nefarious deeds, this chapter makes them and the mysterious shinigami sound increasingly like Ichigo's saviors.

ETA #??: I'm also not sure what Tsukishima's motive is in stalking Ichigo, messing with his family/friends, and taunting him. To just play with him? To make him desperate? To drive him to Ginjou? I should add I don't trust Ginjou still (his claim that all the other Fullbringers fell into Tsukishima's trap, yet he alone escaped it is super suspect, not to mention his other creepy behavior this arc). bonefield suggests Tsukishima and Ginjou may be working together, which I can't rule out and which this chapter supports, though I also can't rule out them working at cross purposes, neither of which are good for Ichigo.

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