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20 June 2011 @ 09:26 am
Dumb Poll and many other little Bleach thingies  

I forgot to show you this a while back. Kubo-sensei drew this for Jump!Bang, the television show. It took me a while to figure out what it was.

Also, this weekend I started the Kenpachi/Unohana fic for charity but got distracted listening to Lady Gaga and drew this instead of finishing the fic: http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/#/d3jbqty

OH! I got another Ishida doll! Here he is--he was a commission by a wonderful artist in Germany who does crochet work. I've really haven't seen anything like her stuff. She did a great IchiIshi pair and I asked her for a duplicate of the Ishida doll: http://yuki87.deviantart.com/art/Comission-Uryu-Ishida-211407952

If you want to see something scary, here is my new Ishida doll among my OTHER Ishida dolls. To be fair, I didn't buy all these so it's not like I'm robbing the childrens' trust funds. Most of these were gifts:


Okey dokey, have a dumb poll:

Poll #1753768 Next Time on Bleach

Next time on Bleach we'll discover ...

absolutely nothing about the mysterygami
that Ichigo's memory didn't get an upgrade with Fullbring and we'll have to watch him try to remember Tsukishima from Grandpa Rin's funeral for SEVEN PAGES.
Bookman is such BAD!CREEPY for stabbing Yuzu that Ichigo loses it and we get a swordfight in the living room before any relevant information about anything can be revealed. Special treat: Tsukishima gets to snark about Ichigo's body armor.
Karin was in the kitchen so Tsukishima really IS related to the Kurosakis... and he's related to Orihime ... everyone's related ... Bleach is a hillbilly town.
Ginjou was the one who killed the Shinigami representative, or so says Tsukishima in some elaborate explanation to make Ichigo get SO CONFUSED
Grandpa Rin is related to Rin Rin, the filler chicken of the anime
Ishida was outside the Kurosaki house the whole time but waiting for just the right moment to make his grand entrance
Karin's in the kitchen with Shi Shi .... there will be unprecedented bonding over food
hell, the mysterygami will be revealed just because really everyone is so over it by now it's the perfect time
Urahara is still putting things into his secret brew and we'll see another mysterygami body part.. er, maybe an elbow

And something else sort of interesting from Sensei's twitter that I was reluctant to post because he was rather vague and I thought there might be over-interpretation. What I gathered from the tweets was that Sensei was having ... uh .. a kinda artistic late night pondering and state of defiance over something. When questioned by fans "you're not talking about Bleach are you?" he claimed to be talking about music, lol, but said that his opinions about manga were the same. And he said that he's just trying to sort out his thoughts on Twitter and to read his thoughts with that in mind.

translation by mezzo_marinaio :


As a listener, if I can't call into question my own values it's the end. As a creator, if I can't believe in my own values it's the end. But maybe doing the opposite would work as well.


What I’m saying is that I must call into question my feelings of “I hate this”. Snuggling up to the majority opinion of a community that believes society to be comprised only of themselves and their associations, and not even trying to make my worth as seen by others increase in value … what I mean is that I must do a careful examination, to find out whether this denial is really a denial that comes from inside myself.

See, told you it was vague. But I think it's important to know that Sensei is thinking about art a lot. I came across a quote of his just today that reminded me that Kubo Tite is a real artist. I know I'm often accused of overthinking Bleach, "just a comic book" but Sensei wrote on the inside flap of the first volume of Zombie Powder:

"The theme is fighting. Sitting there and just reading it without thinking is fine. But if you ever feel like it please try to use your mind as you read."
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peca_06: Ichigo eyepeca_06 on June 20th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
"The theme is fighting. Sitting there and just reading it without thinking is fine. But if you ever feel like it please try to use your mind as you read."
I own Zombie P <3. That is definitely one of my favorite lines of his and why we end up analyzing things so much XD. He does put a lot of thought behind his works and things are not shallow and one layered.

That is really vague on his twitter, specially that second paragraph... I wonder what he meant exactly. Don't want to speculate too much on that one :P . I guess Ichigo is not the only one in denial XDDDD
Since Sensei exploded back towards some fans a while back, as he was fed up with some comments, stopped faving some things and his popularity slipping, it made me feel like all that constant crap was really getting to him.

He does listen to his fans. But, perhaps has to find a perfect balance where he is true to himself and also like he said "question his own values", as he is not perfect and maybe something is wrong and has to admit it is and not close himself into something and not be open minded?. I think re-evaluating your work is normal for any artist and maybe he feels is time to do so... Again, but in a deeper way?

As far as that drawing, man! it feels like Kubo is getting in a darker and darker place. He is very NOIR lately, when he is not drawing moe Orihime-Riruka spreads XDD. It looks to me as if Ichigo's shoulder/arm is exploding into something like reiatsu (or blood, I can't tell the difference ) and then it is bleeding down to form the words Jump!Bang. At least it looks like that to me.

I wanted to check on all the options of the poll, I loved all the answers (maybe not the obvious conflicting ones) XDDDD. Shi shi should be drinking tea in the kitchen with Karin lmao and eating Orihime hand me down bread XDDDDDDDD <333