darkslover (darkslover) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach chapter 452

... is out.


Will edit for thoughts later.

OK, Ginjou pwns Big Brother like WHOA. "You always wear this 15 pattern shirts." O_o WAY TO DIVIDE BY ZERO, KUBO, HAS GINJOU SEEN ICHIGO IN THE CHAPTER COVERS, TOO?????????????? Seriously, though, it sounds as if Kubo wants us to focus on this... or, he is just playing around with his own symbolism and art. Which I find endearing. :P

... Is Riruka Orihime's new maid? Is Orihime's main role in this arc to eat? WHY IS EVERYONE EATING UNHEALTHY FOOD????? Man, Kubo, little kids are reading your manga. Think of the children, Kubo!! XD

Kubo has sure taken liberties about how the title "Bleach" is going to be shown. Ketchup and mustard, yessir!

Ichigo is all sweaty... Ginjou is almost topless... (Ichigo, why aren't YOU topless as well, since you're sweating so much?)

...Yeah, I'll stop there.

Man, this chapter is full of Ichigo's eyeballs. Wasn't there an essay in Bleachness about eyeballs? Add the info! (Kidding!)

FINALLY, some explanation about how Ichigo will get his shinigami powers back through FB-ing. Hallelujah. Aaaand what is this? Is Ichigo achieving what Aizen wanted to achieve? This opens the floodgates. Is this why FB is bad for SS? IS FB bad for SS in the first place? Had SS known that there's a way for HUMANS to be as strong as the shinigami and even stronger, wouldn't they do something about it? Like what? I have no clue. Talk amongst yourselves.

This "armor" is stupid. Sorry, this is how I feel. Quit watching Sentai and Superhero shows, Kubo. I want my kimonos back! T_T

This sword is so underwhelming... or, I'm just a spoiled Zangetsu/Buster Sword/Dragon Slayer fangirl. Whatever.

Gone is the skull, too. For a weird reason, this makes me sad. It's like anything familiar with what we knew before about Ichigo is fading away for the FB to come in. :'( And whaddya know, he has an "X" in the hilt, while the group is called "X-cusion" (sp?) i c wat u did thar, Kubo.

"I mistook you for someone else". New clue? I honestly feel bad for any existing character that had to look THAT ridiculous. -_- No, I'm not changing my mind about the armor.

A new name for Ichigo's FB? Why am I thinking that this time, it'll have nothing to do with "moon"? Something with "X" comes to mind.

Determined!Ichigo is always good to look at.

Nifty power, that Video game! I want such a power, too! Can you imagine how helpful it'll be for preparing for classes?? O_O

TSUKISHIMA A COUSIN????? Has Yuzu been stabbed too to say this, or is it true? She talks about Ichigo's family... cue ichigo's birth, as Kubo said?????????????? YES, PLEASE. And OMG, someone needs to give Tsukishima a white cat to stroke and a glass of wine! NOW. Suave villain we have here. He appears where all the suave villains appear: the couch.

Ichigo... I want you to shut up, sit down and LISTEN for the next chapter, mkay? I want answers, and Tsukishima being there means that he'll give at least some clues. You've been acting without thinking enough, now SIT DOWN AND LISTEN.

Generally, good chapter. I liked the Ginjou/Ichigo interaction and the Tsukishima twist. The rest... whatev.
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