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Bleach 451 is Out

Bleach 451 is up at MangaStream.

** Do not tweet to Kubo about this chapter until Monday. **

Ichigooooo ;_________;

Ginjou's training is brutal. Slicing Ichigo's eyes to blind him, beating him, stabbing and slashing him, verbally mocking him, and then impaling him with the sword? Ichigo ;___;

Ginjou voices the question Ichigo should've been asking himself: if he didn't trust Ginjou, then why train with him? Ginjou says what Ichigo was likely thinking: as long as Ichigo gets his powers back, he'll do whatever it takes. But there's some inherent trust present in giving himself over to the Fullbringers, which it seems Ichigo gave them because he feels betrayed by Ginjou.

Orihime tries to help Ichigo, despite Ginjou's warning last chapter, and gets shut up in a magic soundproof box by Yukio.

After beating the crap out of Ichigo and stabbing him, Ginjou threatens to kill Chad and Inoue, then Ichigo. And then Ichigo gets his power-up.

Ichigo can see/sense reiatsu again \o/\o/\o/
... and he gets a ridiculous upgraded outfit. :/ Seriously, WTF is that striped thing. :x :x

That last page is pretty yaoi-tastic, not going to lie. :x :x

I'm not sure I buy Ginjou's explanation as to needing to be in front of Ichigo to suppress/contain Ichigo's explosion of energy. I mean, what did Ginjou really do other than get hit by Ichigo's explosion? (And how does that explanation apply to Chad, who is also a Fullbringer?) Anyway, Ginjou's sadism these past two chapters, as well as his general shadiness and habit of lying this entire arc, still make me suspect him. I won't be surprised if this was a double psych-out to allay the readers' and Ichigo's suspicions of Ginjou so that Kubo can come back with a "lol, fooled you" bit later on.

At least Ichigo can sense reiatsu now. He's still blind at the moment. But the reiatsu sensing means he's one step closer to becoming a shinigami. :D Maybe he can even see shinigami now (once he gets his eyesight back, anyway).

Good action-packed chapter.

Color page wasn't at MS, but it's in the spoilers post. I understand the CP is probably to underscore, yet again, Riruka's upcoming importance (probably by not going along with the other Fullbringers) and her bonding with Orihime, but IMO, the "bond" between Riruka and Orihime is forced, rushed, and not particularly believable. I don't think Kubo developed their relationship well. The CP was cute otherwise.

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