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Reasons to Love Post Soul Society Bleach

Soul Society was the arc that rocked, yes. But Bleach hasn't been Dullsville since. Just think of some these highlights. I want to know your own faves--especially anything from the HM arc after the boys hit the Garganta and set upon their adventure.

Here are my top 10.

1. Shinigami! Papa and Quincy! Papa in the "Tell Your Children the Truth" chapter--that was tres cool.

2. Hirako Shinji. Just a great original smexy devilish character.

3. Urahara's blow-up doll version of himself.

4. Urahara protecting Yoruichi from Ulquiorra's cero--that was just so *swoon*.

5. 237 and Orihime's confession. It hurt so good.

6. The return of the Quincy! (oh Ishida how I'd missed you so)

7. Pesh to Ishida: "Are You in Love with Me?"

8. The Rukia/ Aaroniero fight. Glorious, angsty, and the biggest plot-twist since Shinigami!Papa

9. "Slurp, Fornicarius."

10. First Nell headbutts Ichigo in the balls and then she cracks his balls with her fist and in 291 she appears to be fondling them

Honorable mention: Best. Exit. Ever. Szayel needs to change his clothes after a fight.

I hear that there's plans for a national strike this year on Ishida's birthday, Nov. 6---unrelated to Bleach, of course. People are supposed to stay home from work or avoid the shopping malls and general consumerism until Bush resigns or is impeached (See call for a strike and the end of citizen passivity from Harper's Magazine)

Stay home and post your IshiHimes. You should be thinking up ideas already!!! ^______^

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