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Weekend Fanworks Post - 21 May 2011

Hello bleachness! As a general lurker of this comm, I decided to come out of my veil for this weekend with a request for the lovely denizens of this community. I would like to request some Ishida/Orihime fanfiction recs. I'm afraid that I'm not as active in the Bleach fandom as I am in other fandoms (not from a lack of trying, but I can't seem to write for Bleach to save my life), and I'm not quite sure where to look or what to look for, so I turn to the fans for advice. Please link me in the comment on this post to some of your favorite IshiHime fanfics; I'm open to all genres and ratings, and smut is both welcomed and encouraged.

Of course, since this is the Weekend Fanworks Post, don't let my request stop you from replying to this post. Feel free to share all other works in the comments as well!
Tags: weekend fanworks post
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