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Bleach 448 is Out

Bleach 448 is out.

HEY, KIDS! Remember to NOT TWEET KUBO ABOUT THIS CHAPTER until Monday! Thanks. Some wonderful folks already did; hope they were suitably blocked.

Ichigo's glorious nostrils make their triumphant return.

Yukio's powers are fearsome, yet adorable.

The video game stuff this chapter was cute. Ichigo's "I haven't NOT thought about it" and then his irritation with Ginjou = adorable.

Orihime looks determined about helping Ichigo, and there's a flashback to the dome. Hopefully this means we'll get more insight soon, please, about how the Lust arc affected her and what she learned from it. As it is, Riruka's question reminds me of Grimmjow forcing Inoue to bring Ichigo back to life in HM arc.

Riruka really is concerned about Ichigo. There's no sense of Riruka->Orihime "omg wutabitch" jealousy, as some people were gloating over. Rather, Riruka is genuinely concerned over Ichigo's well-being, and probably rightly so. The whole 6-point HP system worries me, as well as Orihime being the "healing item." Something bad is going to happen.

And then we have, dun dun dun, Urahara, Isshin, and a MYSTERIOUS SHINIGAMI. I've posted so much about this already today. My money is on Rukia or a new shinigami who is an old acquaintance/friend of Urahara's and Isshin's. Excited about this but will not hope TOO HARD, lest those hopes (RUKIAAAAAARGH) be dashed, but the more I've talked and discussed with friends about this, especially escarboucle, the more convinced I am that it is Rukia.

Urahara and Isshin's words seem ominous on the surface, but given what we know of their personalities, it seems likely that the future they're ending is Ichigo's future as a human, rather than ending his life period. They're probably trying to protect or help Ichigo somehow - from Tsukishima, the Fullbringers, other? And so they've involved another shinigami.

General reasoning for the shinigami being Rukia or a new shinigami:
Anyway, I don't understand the whole "Rukia doesn't know about Isshin" argument. Simply because Rukia didn't know Isshin was a shinigami before doesn't mean she doesn't know he's one now, 17 months later. Additionally, that kind of reasoning would rule out everyone but Yoruichi, Gin, Aizen, Rangiku, Afro-san, and the Karakura kids, and those are all completely illogical choices IMO (Yoruichi hasn't ever worn the shinigami uniform, and there'd be no need to hide her face; the Karakura kids are, as far as we know, still human; the rest have no reason to be involved).

As for Isshin not sharing "family secrets" with Rukia, Rukia is already Isshin's "third daughter," she's lived in his house and he's known about her from the start, and Isshin is well aware of the bond that Ichigo and Rukia have. Frankly, Rukia is one of the few people Isshin would discuss personal matters relating to Ichigo in front of. She's closest to Ichigo and will do anything to help him. I think that's one of the most convincing reasons why it's Rukia as opposed to another shinigami, especially random shinigami. Renji is also close to Ichigo but doesn't have a relationship with either Urahara (other than using Urahara's training grounds) or Isshin.

I don't think it's any of the Vizards simply because they have no relationship to the Fullbringers, nor the emotional connection and investment to Ichigo that someone like Rukia would have. There's also no evidence any of them knew Isshin (though there's no evidence to the contrary either). I don't think it's Karin because the process of becoming a shinigami for a human is dangerous (remember what Ichigo had to undergo); plus, it would take at least three days just to become a shinigami, not to mention she'd require training afterwards. All that eats up time that hasn't passed in the series.

I think the shinigami could be a new character, someone who knew both Urahara and Isshin from before, which would be why Urahara and Isshin speak freely in front of him/her, and probably knows something about the Fullbringers, which would be the primary reason he/she would be called in.

This cliffhanger...!

velvetsword and escarboucle are now theorizing on why Riruka is so worried, the possible evil true nature of the Fullbringers, what's in store for Ichigo now that he's in Yukio's game, and if the mysterious figure is Rukia, what her role in this is... :x :x

ETA: Clarification that the mysterious shinigami actually says "aa" in the Japanese raw, which is like "yeah" or "yes." It's an indication of assent, and "do it" is a pretty liberal translation given how more proactive it is.
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