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Weekend Post--Fanart and Update

Chapter 7 is UP!!! I apologize for the super delay. Things have been hectic for me these past days. *sigh*

Now here's my 3rd promotional art for Angelice, featuring the lovely IshiHime couple. This also happens to be my WHITE DAY fanart too. I know it's late, so I'm really sorry. There will be a little White Day moment in Angelice, which I think will be in Chapter 8 or 9, and it's between Orihime and Ishida.

Ishida and Orihime make white look HOT!!! I started thinking like Uryuu when I was designing their outfits here. I did put a lot of effort in Orihime's design. I'm crazy for the black thigh-highs and boots, and the mini-skirt just fits. I also didn't forget the mantle, because I know Ishida has a strong penchant for them. I enjoyed doing Orihime's hair here. She looks really nice in a ponytail.

FF LINK: [link]
Rating: T
Genre: Romance & Adventure
Summary: A past unknown, with secrets to unravel, Orihime Inoue embarks on a journey to seek her destiny and her true identity in the world she once knew, with a man she unconsciously longs for.
NOTE: Angelice focuses on the UlquiHime pairing with a bit of IshiHime in it.

Angelice: The White Pride by ~jczala on deviantART
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