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Bleach 447 is Out

Bleach 447 is out at Mangastream.

A chapter with actual plot and good pacing! *fake shock* I'm impressed. If only all chapters could be like this.

Ichigo's saved to Yukio's PSP.

Apparently Tsukishima invented a weapon for Riruka... "Love Gun," lol. Seems to make sense since her powers in their normal state don't appear terribly useful offensively.

We learn more about Yukio - smart, rich kid genius with a mouth, sorta like the Fullbringer version of Hitsugaya? - and his Fullbringer powers - he can 'save' people, and his powers shut out all reiatsu. He's cute, anyway.

I wasn't sure whether Yukio's powers were so formidable, even though Yukio couldn't "save" Tsukishima at that point, and that's why Tsukishima thought twice about attacking him and Riruka, or if it was just the nature of Yukio's powers "saving" Ichigo that made Tsukishima rethink attacking him. I'm thinking it's probably the latter (Ichigo was "saved" to the handheld so attacking Yukio might make Yukio drop it).

It's nice that Yukio reminds Tsukishima about the explosions attracting attention and that the media would soon arrive. As Ginjou noted in the previous chapter - with his avoidance of jumping on buildings with people in them - fighting in the real world has real world consequences.

Yukio and Ginjou confirm that Tsukishima wants Ichigo in particular. (Ginjou looks particularly angry about that. /yaoi glasses)

Chad does the number crunching for the Fullbringers? Everyone corrected me~ Ginjou was just blaming Chad for all the damage.

Poor Giriko. Left behind to do the clean-up. And what about Jackie? D: D:

Ginjou vs. Ichigo soon!

ISHIDAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! Why does no one visit you unless called ;_;

Ishida calls Inoue to heal him because Kurosaki's been attacked. Ichigo has reiatsu again, though it feels different because presumably it's Fullbringer-related and not shinigami-related. Both Ishida and Inoue sensed the new reiatsu, but Inoue didn't want to bother Kurosaki-kun about it. Apparently only Ishida picked up that Ichigo encountered Tsukishima, but perhaps that was simply based on a hunch (i.e., his assumption based on Ichigo having weird reiatsu now). Apparently Ishida didn't know Inoue was attacked or that she was attacked by the same person.

Sorry for doubting you, Inoue. You did offer to heal Ishida before, he just said no out of consideration for his nakama ;.; Now he wants to be healed because Kurosaki's in trouble. And Inoue heals him some, but it'll take a while yet for him to recover because his injuries are different from normal reiatsu ones.

Inoue senses that something's wrong. It seems to be based on Ishida's apparent confusion over the Fullbringer ability. Ishida looks genuinely clueless when he says he thought it was zanpakutou-related and that he didn't get a chance to ask his attacker anything (I find that kind of doubtful...), but Inoue's still disturbed. Or maybe Inoue's just pondering the weirdness of the difference in their attacks, which is what Ishida is pondering?

Chad came to see Ishida <33333

Chad takes Inoue back to the Fullbringers HQ because her powers are needed to assist in Ichigo's training. Personally, I think she's just going to heal Ichigo and Ginjou, but if her abilities are Fullbring-related (I still have doubts on that), then she might learn something new about her powers there. But TBH, I can't see her using any offensive abilities, even in training, right now since she still hasn't come to terms with the dome. (Besides, Ginjou said he was going to fight Ichigo next.)

To me, it looks like Ishida has a weird zombified look in his eyes at the very end, so I think that Tsukishima messed with him mentally, similar to how Tsukishima messed (IMO) with Inoue to make her feel like he was a friend for a second. But then, maybe Ishida really is just plotting something on his own or is trying to figure Tsukishima out. :x

Anyway, this was a good chapter. <3 More like it, Kubo.
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