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Cute Kubo Tweets Re Characters

Kubo-sensei tweeted the cutest stuff about being at a cocktail party the other day and mentioned how he doesn't know how he comes up with his characters. Translation by mezzo_marinaio :

新人さんの居る飲み会に行くと必ず「どうやってキャラを作ってるんですか?」と訊かれるんだけど、上手く答 えられた試しが無い。自分でもどうやって作ってるかよく分かってないからだ。ていうか、話を聞くとパターン にハメてキャラを作ってる人が多くて驚く。そんな器用なこと俺にはできん。

Whenever I go to a drinking party and meet some new faces, without fail I'm asked "How do you create your characters?"... but there hasn't been a single instance where I was able to answer that question skillfully. That's because I myself don't understand exactly how I create them. I mean, I've heard stories... and I'm surprised that there are so many people who fall right into a pattern while creating their characters. I can't do things that skillfully.

キャラは「なんか知らないけど、いつのまにかできてる」ってのが1番正確な表現だと思うんだけど、それ言っ ても大体「??」みたいな顔をされるので、なんかそれっぽい、納得できそうな、漫画家っぽいことを言って、 毎度言い逃れてる。すまん、みんな。

On the subject of characters... I think the most accurate representation would be if I answered "I don't really understand it myself... but before I know it, they've been created". However, even with an answer like that I get "??" faces as a response. So I say something similar to that, something that would be more understandable - you know, some sort of mangaka answer. And each time, I say that and run away. Sorry, everyone.
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