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Regarding Fanfic and an Interview

Hi Bleachness,

I'm an eighth grader in the state of California. In my honors English class, we've been given an assignment called 2SRP--the "Second Semester Resource Project." There are six parts to this project, including but not limited to an essay, a short story, and an interview.

The topic I chose for this project is fanfiction. Are there any fanfic authors available for an online interview? If so, please state why you (or the person in question) should be interviewed (credentials in writing--wanted but not needed) and when you're available. Also, if possible, any means of contact (since I still haven't figured out how PM works on LJ).  My deadline is by the end of May.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!

(If this post is not allowed, please delete it. I'm not really sure, and I don't know how to PM still, as I've stated above.)

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