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Bleach 445 is Out

Bleach 445 is out.

It's Ichigo's Fullbring imitating his shinigami Bankai... or something. I just read what Kubo writes sometimes and go, "Ah, okay. Whatever you said." (For example, I still don't fully understand the origin of Fullbringers.) So Ichigo's Fullbring is clad-type, like Jackie's - results in powers that manifest themselves in clothing form. Or he's wrapped himself up in power, as Chad says.

Everyone's amazed at how quickly Ichigo's tapped into his Fullbring abilities.

Confirmed that Ichigo did not overhear Chad and Ginjou's conversation about Inoue from last week's chapter. (Yes, some people did speculate Ichigo had overheard it.) He only learns that Tsukishima was Inoue's attacker in this chapter.

Ichigo looks sad panda at realizing that he's been "protected." I love Chad, but the whole "OH CRAP, CAN'T LET ICHIGO REALIZE WE DIDN'T TELL HIM ABOUT TSUKISHIMA" move was lame. Do not approve. Then again, many of us are Not Impressed with the lack of nakama-ness lately among the nakama. Yes, Chad's just trying to protect Ichigo since he realizes Ichigo may not fully grasp his new Fullbring powers and is likely to be reckless in using them (which turns out to be mostly true), but it's not like he could seriously expect to keep Ichigo in the dark about an enemy who's shown up at their doorstep. Ginjou, OTOH, is oddly all "His powers are activated, just tell him" forthcoming for once.

Ichigo only gets into full-anger mode after confirming that Tsukishima attacked Inoue and Ishida. (Was SP's IshiIchi ED inspired by insider information on this chapter? :yell)

There's fighting, Ichigo using his newly gained powers, Tsukishima being mildly impressed, Tsukishima attacking the weakpoint of Ichigo's still immature Fullbring, Ichigo losing, Tsukishima looking almost offensively pretty.

And then Ginjou steps in. The fact that Ginjou could block Tsukishima's sword makes me wonder if Tsukishima needs to deliberately have in mind what he wants to cut for his sword to work. So if he's attacking Ichigo's Fullbring abilities, it wouldn't cut Ginjou's sword... but who knows.

Ginjou/Tsukishima stuff next week?

Reminder: This week is a double issue, so we won't have Bleach next week.
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