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Happy Birthday IchiMaru--with a ficlet from Edge-chan

Fourteen minutes left in my time zone until Ichimaru Gin's birthday is gone so we got this one in under the wire! edge_chan wrote this in Spanish, translated it herself and I gave it a look-over for her.

Gin/Rangiku lemon.

by edge_chan

The night was cold, but they didn’t notice. They were in Rangiku's room underneath thin covers. Their lips and their tongues grazed, and their lips shaped silent moans while hands tried to caress every available centimeter of skin. Gin moved at a slow, heavy pace, with the intent of pressing himself deeper and deeper into the girl’s warmth. Sometimes his mouth moved to other parts of Rangiku's body, softly biting and grazing with his lips and tongue her neck, her breasts, and her lips again. Rangiku didn't keep quiet and she could feel how Gin's sweaty body melted under her hands.

When their orgasms were close, Gin intensified his pace and thrusting. Rangiku's moaned louder and gripped Gin's shoulders. Between moans and sighs, Rangiku asked for a little more of that exquisite movement. She felt Gin's hand on her left breast and his fingers pinched the point as she climaxed. Gin, after a second thrust, reached his own.

When they recovered breath, they looked with full passion into one another eyes and their lips formed soft and satisfied smiles. Gin kissed her. He slipped beside Rangiku and pulled her close, posing his face on her breasts, kissing them softly until he fell asleep. Rangiku moved a lock of hair off his forehead and kissed him there.

Those moments were so bittersweet to Rangiku. She knew that in the morning he wouldn't be on her side, that during the day he would wear that mask that she hated. That they would address each other cordially, even though when they were children they didn’t use last names. And a lot of time Rangiku felt that Gin was moving further and further from her, for no apparent motive. But on some nights, he would enter her room, greeting her like the old days when he returned from his mysterious travels, and they would begin to talk as in the old days about what happened in their respective divisions, and they would leave Soul Society aside for a moment. And on a few nights, Rangiku would take Gin by the hands and to her bed, where they indulged their passions until the other day, when the vicious circle would begin again.

But it was in those moments when Rangiku didn’t care, because she felt like she should be taking advantage of the time, because something told her that there would come a day when he wouldn’t on her side.

But what she didn’t know was that Gin thought and felt the same thing.

For now, her one concern was to hold him, breathe his scent and dream, his body beside hers. To burn that memory into herself.


And many many more kisses to Gin from me! Happy birthday you sexy devil
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