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Weekend Fanworks Post 16/04/11

Early post is early, good morning over here~

Since I've been seeing just art this week, well art recs~ (but fanfictions are love~)

+ Winning Argument by Ladymelissa
In honor to the latest ED for the Bleach anime <3 Ichigo Winz!

+ BLEACH by shikahashi
Stunning piece, great coloring, Hueco Mundo and broken glasses, you HAVE to look it! it's awesome!

+ Bleach 261 by Waterist
A very well colored Chad

+ Kaettekitemo Iindaze by Pikeish
Beautiful IchiRuki art, you need to see it! <3

GENDER BENDER! (since it's my last obsession XD)

+ BGB x Ojamajo DoReMi by Aduah
Bleach and Doremi meets! (and Ishida is the cutest) XD

+ GIF Aizen-sama and Hirako-san by Bichva
Aizen sama is a femme fatale x3 and Hirako is not seeing her face xD

For those who have an account at YGallery, right now Harmonious Contrast -- A Sado/Ishi Club is having its first contest and there are a lot of lovely submissions to see~
WANING, there are some NSFW stuff at the gallery, so be careful ;D

And shameless self-prmotion is shameless :_D

Mah IshiHime art over here~ IshiHime Sketches of Doom
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