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Bleach 444 is Out

Bleach 444 is out.

Flashbacks of Renji, Kenpachi, Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra.

So it was Jackie yelling "Ichigo!", and it was regarding Ichigo's badge going berserk.

Awww, Ichigo. <3333 Reckless, just as he has always been. Jackie's being concerned, albeit violently and loudly so, but Ichigo's blowing her off. He really wants his shinigami powers back and believes that his badge is telling him to regain his powers ASAP. "This is the way it's always been for me!" == true. His training's always been abrupt, sudden, and dangerous.

Ginjou says Fullbring abilities can't change.

Ginjou's explanation is consistent with Chad's suspicions - Ginjou just doesn't seem to realize the implication of his own words. Just as Chad didn't know how to use his Fullbring powers to their "full ability," when Ginjou and Tsukishima were comrades, Tsukishima apparently didn't know - or else deliberately hid - his powers' full ability/true potential. A sword that is able to "literally cut through anything" may, by its own terms, be able to cut through non-physical or non-tangible things - i.e., able to cut through emotions or feelings. That would explain how Tsukishima was able to affect Orihime - perhaps he cut through her animosity or suspicion. That Ginjou doesn't realize this as a potential "full ability" of Tsukishima's is kind of troubling. >_> Maybe he's still lying or hiding things.

Hey, Ishida's mentioned! <3333

Tsukishima busts into the Fullbringers' HQ. So stylish. He takes credit for attacking Inoue.

Ichigooooooooooooooooooooooooo! YOU'RE BACCCCCCK! <3333333333 It's so great to see Ichigo in shinigami garb again ;____; And Kubo plays on the title of "The Rising," positioning it at the end, just before Ichigo in shinigami attire appears, and the chapter number "444" is placed on Ichigo's face. <33333 Nice. Ichigooooooo ;_; Missed you so much ;_; ;_;

I know some people are saying it's not Ichigo's shinigami powers returning and it's just Ichigo's Fullbring changing (Ginjou's explanation contradicts this) or, I guess, Ichigo unlocking more of his Fullbring's potential... but it seems weird that his Fullbring would "coincidentally" resemble his shinigami powers. :x It's had to tell, but it looks like Zangetsu returning/reforming as well. (And I have to lol at people who think that Ichigo will get a new zanpakutou to replace Zangetsu.)

Fun chapter, and stuff happened~
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