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Like Japan and Want Art?

Been jonzing for your own customized sexy Kurosaki pic? Looking for the right kind of gift for that special someone? Want to help a good cause?

Upset you missed the auctions on help_japan?

Operation Reiki on Deviant art is holding auctions right now with many fabulous prizes to raise money to help Japan. You can even get 5 pieces of art for as little as $10, whether you win or not!

1st, 2ed, and 3rd place winners get wonderful commission slots and even crafts from several artists.

Current Auction details and prize packages here:

Donations go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Read this page for details on how you can bid and what the process entails:

Current bid ends on April 17th.

Worried they won't do anime? No problem! Most artists listed are human/anime artists anyway.

Worried they won’t do furries? They’d be happy to, as long as it helps out!

I didn’t make this auction, will there be another one? Yes!

I don’t have the money, but I’m an artist and I want to help out.
Contact the group, I’m sure they’re looking for artists for the next rounds.

I don’t have money and I’m not an artist, but I still want to help out.
Spread the word! Operation Reiki needs all the love it can get!

I already asked debbiechan if this was ok.
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