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Bleach 443 is Up

If you can see this entry, Bleach 443 is up.

Ginjou and Chad had talked about Tsukishima before, and now Chad's doing the Smart Thing in asking what Tsukishima's Fullbring is.

Kubo must be thinking, "Jackie's wearing pants, so it's okay to do the crotch shots."

Thought the fight was fine. Jackie was trying to lecture Ichigo about being in a human body now, in an attempt to get him to face reality, but she doesn't realize that Ichigo's method of fighting is 'get the shit beaten out of him so he can learn his enemy's moves, then act.'

Ichigo proves once again that he's a great, smart fighter~ And he attributes that to his experience as a shinigami. ;_; (And a little Urahara.)

Ichigo points out he probably has more experience than Jackie.

Jackie's Dirty Boots become increasingly powerful as they get dirty. Obvious name is obvious. But I liked her bit about how even blood works to power her boots up. :3 (Her speech doesn't explain the snazzy hat and scarf though...)

And now the theories on what's going on with Ichigo. Jackie looks shocked, someone yells "Ichigo!", and black reiatsu, or whatever, is flaring up around Ichigo.

Personally, for now I'm sticking with the "What? Ichigo's evolving!" theory, though I can also see something Terribly Wrong Going On due to Ichigo using his Fullbring too much too early, and it's Jackie yelling "Ichigo!" However, escarboucle pointed out that Kubo made sure the "Ichigo!" speech bubble wasn't in Jackie's panel, so maybe it's not Jackie yelling. Maybe Chad or Ginjou. I know some people were speculating based on early spoiler pics that "Ichigo!" was coming from his badge (Rukia perhaps?), but I kinda doubt it (scan lines and shocked/surprised indicators may be throwing some off). But post your sane, wild, crazy, or reserved theories and speculations in the comments.

ETA: annie_08 pointed out in MS's translation, Ichigo uses "Kisuke" for Urahara, which is a first, since Ichigo always called him "Urahara-san" before. If anyone with good eyes and Japanese knowledge wants to take a stab at the LQ raw previews posted at BA, please do so. To me, it looks like the kanji for "Kisuke" is used, but the furigana doesn't look anything like "kisuke." Anonymous identified the kanji as 最初 (saisho), thankies. Looks like MS just added in "Kisuke" for some reason ._.

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