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Bleach Spoilers

LJ was down when the MangaHideout spoiler pix surfaced. That's all we have for now. No summaries. Ohana seems to skipped over Bleach. :(

eta: and BA thread up w/Ohana spoiler translated here

All I can see at the moment is.... Jackie--wha. That angle. For a guy who never draws panty shots, that's pretty extreme there, Kubo. Not sure if I like it or not yet. It seems to suit Jackie but it kinda pushes the envelope.

Something seems to be wrong with Ichigo's badge.

Know there's more up.

Gah, LJ, please behave (as my friend said, pay the Russian mafia if you have to!) but please don't be down for Chad!Fest. Chad's birthday starts in Japan in six hours from this posting!

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