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Kubo in Music Magazine

Sensei makes an appearance. Pix and infos under cut. Via Annie

Sensei in a music magazine talks a bit about Bleach. No complete translations yet from what I've gathered, he mentions the 10 year plan for Bleach, says that in the past 10 years he's learned not to care what people think of his manga anymore and that he's trying to speed up his manga now versus trying to stretch it (!!!) but that it still drags in parts.

Here's he is with the author of Five, Shiori Furukawa--she drew a pic of Hitsugaya for him and he drew a Five character for her (Koujiro I'm told--I don't know Five)

Furukawa-san is really cute. She's the one who requested Rukia in Jump's swimsuit spread last year but Kubo picked Orihime because it suited the mangaka Kawashita's style. Here the bday pic she drew for Sensei last year:

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