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Weekend Fanworks Post 3/26/11

 Kicking off the weekend with a rec from a fanartist/writer whose work I can’t get enough of—oh man, was I craving something gorgeous like this and sickletongue  delivered:


Author: visualcomplex
Title: This road goes to forever
Rating: M
Pairing: Ichigo(aka God of Death)/Ishida
Genre: modern folklore/fairytale, AU, fantasy
Warnings: Death

Summary: this is a story about a boy who makes a deal with a God of Death, in exchange for something he grows unable to give.

notes: for nehalenia on her birthday, and for me, because for a long time I thought I forgot how to write

( for what he gave, he claimed back just as easily ...)

Also,  The UlquiHime Kink Meme" is still open for fulfilling requests. I was trying to write one then came down with a snotty cold (not conducive for teh pronz) but I MUST FINISH IT! Also, today (March 26) is the LAST DAY to offer up fanworks for auction at help_japan  but you can still bid on auctions until March 31 (thanks manonlechat  for clearing that up for me) Bleach-specific auctions may be found here: community.livejournal.com/bleachness/627683.html

Please pimp and rec in the comments, thank you. And keep Chad in your thoughts for his birthday this ccming April 7. Thank you again. :3
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