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Don't Lose to Earthquake Fanart and No WSJ this week

The following was shared by Nacchan in the IchiRuki FC at BA today:

sharing a fanart by.チサカ that she made for the earthquake tragedy

地震に、負けないで - Don't lose to earthquake

Ichigo : yo! come on, give me your hand
Rukia : are you all right? how's your condition?

Also, I'm hearing from Annie that there is no WSJ this week and that means that Japan has not read "Mute Friendship" yet. I'm uncertain as to whether or not we'll have spoilers but please no complaining here out of respect for the tragedy in Japan. Tokyo is struggling to resume normality and rolling black-outs may continue throughout April. People are at work, confused by the trains, doing the best they can and behaving admirably under trying circumstances. We can all certainly be patient for our manga and anime fix. Our hearts are with Japan!

ETA status of WSJ releases:

The release date for the current issue is Sat: "2011 No.16 19/3/11(Sat) on sale!"

Statement release from WSJ: "本日(3/14)以降に刊行予定でした週刊少年ジャンプおよび集英社の全雑誌は、全国的に発売が不確定の地区が多くご ざいます。大変ご迷惑をおかけしますが、ご了承下さい。"

Shueisha's magazines will be diffitult to distributed to every regions in Japan. So, I think the regions with major damages, like Sendai and Miyagi, will not be getting the magazines for awhile.

This sounds to me like it will be business as usual soon except for areas profoundly affected by the quake and tsunami.
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