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Weekend Fanworks Post 3/5/11

Okays, I'll kick it off again. Here's a piece yorleni  did for me (I get fairly silly when I get a dedication) and other people too (!) who wanted her to draw a Valentine's Day pic at DeviantArt. She posted it a couple days ago but I only caught up with dA today and saw it and went all crazy. yorleni  is yorrukia on dA:

IshiHime Smile by yorrukia

Now rec away, pimp your own stuff, ask for fics--you remember the rules. Don't be shy. It's the weekend.
If there's something awesome you think I may have missed, don't hesitate to link it.

Oh, I'm so behind on fandom stuff--I just realized I still haven't scanned a stack of doujinshi I promised I would and I'm getting a couple new ones. Stay tuned this Spring for IshiHime doujin scans. Also, I want to hold a yaoi drabble contest and have a Chad!fest fanworks celebration
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