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BLEACH 439 IS OUT! Keen Marker


Well more like squee than reflections since I've just read the chapter and still high off spoilers.

Second week of Orihime being awesome so I'm fairly breathless.

Dare I hope she's really powering up? Chad noticed something going on with her reiatsu (and hey, didn't the boys strike you as bit callous? I'd figured that Shi Shi or someone was taking the bread but it was Chad all along. Well, finally Ichigo, daayum, suggesting that someone give Hime a call to put her worries to rest! BOYS! Hmph!) Does the change in reiatsu mean that Bookman has attacked her?

I don't think so.

The color page was Riruka and I'm amazed that so many fanartists called that maroon haircolor right.

The stage seems set for an Ichigo and Chad to the rescue except that Ginjou just said that Ichigo can't tax his powers anymore--unless of course he powers up for the sake of Orihime (and as Neha was telling me when the spoilers appeared--he would have to get to her riding Chad like a pony while Chad uses Sonido! XD). And we've seen that before--yep on the dome. When we got Orihime going "why do I always rely on him?"

Seems she's not relying on him at the moment. In fact we may have a repeat of the Orihime's standing up for a nakama like when she stood up for Tatsuki. If this is Bleach reboot, we've had the little mini tale of Ichigo/Ishida competition and working together in the IchiIshi team-up against the thugs like the IchiIshi story with the Hollow bait, then the Chad mini-tale, and now it's the Orihime mini-tale and if you'll recall, Orihime powered up and defended a friend in the first go-round.

She's promised to defend her friends. Maybe she'll defend Ichigo this time around.

I dunno. Uryuu (Rain Dragon) is Orihime's other protector friend. We may see a "Princess and The Dragon 2" chapter if Ishida shows up. Allow me a little crazy speculation--next chapter is coming out for White Day, which la_kalaka reminded me is Ryuuken's birthday--lol, imagine how funny it would be to get a Quincy Papa or a Quincy Papa/son team up on White day, not to mention a little White day gift of Inoue-->Ishida. I'm honestly not being shippy here--I know Orihime doesn't love Uryuu. She's standing up for a friend. I love that. It's what she SWORE TO HERSELF TO DO. And maybe if she causes enough ruckus in the next chapter to shoo away Bookman by himself, it will be awesome but even if someone has to show up or if she goes down with a nasty paper cut from that scary weapon Tsukishima wields, hey, you know what, I'm cool--because at least she tried. She didn't lose her cool and she threw her body right there in front of ShiShi (boy, is he going to adore her from now on or what? XD)

Bookman's fullbring was impressive. Not the book but the bookmark. And the sword looks badass. But looks can be deceiving. And Orihime looks SO determined. When she looks this determined she can DO SHIT. Am I hoping for too much that she actually kick some ass next chapter? I thought it might be too soon but then again I thought it was too soon when the GinRan story looked like it was going to be resolved last arc (I honestly expected it to linger until the very end of Bleach).

I knew it had to come sooner or later. Orihime's dome persona was haunting her so badly. She wanted to protect her nakama and she was faulting herself for asking Ichigo to save her. Is it wrong for me to believe that the story is gong to go differently this time? That Ichigo WON'T save her? That she might actually save her self and do it in the name of protecting/avenging a nakama?

Oh, and the yakuza was funny but ShiShi is funnier and he's gonna be a regular in this arc I bet and I'm glad--here I thought he might be the personification of a the Twitter troll who hated Orihime but it looks like he's his own guy. He's interesting and funny.

Oh and who/WHAT is the keen marker? Obviously Bookman's fullbring but he wasn't too keen reading Orihime, was he?

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