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New Rule! Weekend Fanworks Post 2/27/11

Weekend Fanworks participation has been so low since we announced the rules. C’mon people—don’t be shy!

Anyway, I’m kicking off this weekend’s post with a new addendum to the rule: you can make personal fanwork recs in the fanworks post too. I’ll start with a little drabble that may not have gotten much attention because it wasn't posted in archive communities but it was well-written and powerful:

Rated G. Angsty as HELL.

Link: The Reason Why

( skilly_n_duff  is known for her artwork but she writes too. The above drabble was written before canon events changed stuffs but I just love the shock value of the piece and how every word works).

Now an art. My favorite from the Valentine Day’s rush on DeviantArt: 14.2 by Yuria-chu Ah, I love watercolors.

Now, go ahead, rec away, add links to your own artwork and feel free to ask members for suggestions to particular types of works you’d like to see or for links to those arts/fics you can’t find anymore in comments/subthreads to this post.
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