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Bleach 438 is Out

Bleach 438 is out at Mangastream.

Ew, snot. Poor Ichigo.

For those unbelievers, yes, this is Ichigo's Fullbring. Maybe it'll change or evolve later, especially as he learns to use and harness his powers, but for now, deal with it.

Rukiaaaaaa. That's so weird, I thought certain non-biased translators claimed that she called Ichigo a "bastard" or an "idiot" in the script? But others translated Rukia's lines the exact same way MangaStream did, so I guess MS was right. She seems to be defending him from unknown accusations.

Bets on how Ichigo heard Rukia's voice: they're connected; Ukitake gave Ichigo some secret radio transmitter and Soul Society's been perving/spying on Ichigo ever since (and this is why there are accusations against Ichigo); Riruka's snot has magical properties to transform otherwise innocent badges into radio transmitters; other. Also, Ginjou seems to know the badge was capable of this.

Maybe we'll get Rukia's return sooner than expected? *crosses fingers*

The thug dude doesn't seem to have any special powers - he just seems to be a lackey. He's blown away by Inoue's beauty. Looks like she doesn't have to do a thing in the beginning since he knocks himself out.

It's nice that Inoue's "aura" changes when she realizes the thug might have attacked Ishida; she becomes focused and determined. Hopefully she's reaching for her hairpins in her pocket to actually fight him. ETA: bonefield noted you can see her pins if you squint really hard when she says "... True". escarboucle noted you can see her hand under her uniform flap in the next page.

Maybe we'll learn more about her powers and state of mind soon? *crosses other hand's fingers*

Book guy, a.k.a. Ishida's attacker, a.k.a. Tsukishima is pretty~~ The silent and manipulative type, it seems.
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