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Lots of Little Bleachness Lovestuffs and some Orihime

melodymix  found this ad on 2ch. Something's going to happen on White Day (3/14) in the anime? Something about Love & Bleach????

Remember Rookiez is Punk'd self-proclaimed "lovesong" for the current anime ED and the cover art that we were speculating about? The one that featured Ichigo and Rukia among the sakura with just the tinest bit of Orihime's hair and arm in it? Well, yesssss, breaking precedent with other single covers there was another side to the picture and it features, you guessed it, Chad, Ishida and Orihime. And on the front pic, Ichigo and Rukia have been mooshed closer now. You'll see the pictures and the music vid at Rookiez website: http://www.rookiez.jp/

The Bleach episode with the “Bleach My Soul” ending airs tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 22 (my time CST) and there’s a worldwide campaign to get Ichigo & Rukia on Trending Topics on Twitter. I’m not that Twitter savvy but here’s the story: http://bit.ly/e5JJ5N

So much for lovey lovey. I'm hoping for a fighty fight this week.  I'm still on pins and needles trying not to worry about Orihime facing her first opponent for the first time ALOOOOONE in ten years of manga. There's no one for her to defend. There's no one to protect her. Gah, what will she do?  Will she be comedy fodder? Will we learn anything, anything at all about her powers or her motives and state of mind since the traumatizing events of Hueco Mundo? Ryuuken warned her that she'd be targeted and how has she prepared herself?

I'm trying to mollify my anxiety with my eternal trust in Kubo's story-telling and just let the OMGORIHIMEORIHIMESUX fandom commotion breeze past me. Some of my best friends are fed up with the character and asking me why I still love her. My answer to Sea was that my hopes live in Orihime's hairpins and wrestle with Tsubaki daily and are so strong now they can't be destroyed. When I read that some fans want Orihime to be beat up or tortured so a love interest can angst, I--I make mashed potatoes with honey for the soporific, calming effects. Honest to goodness, I love Orihime and her taste in food. If only cupcakes could save her now.

A karate chop or two would be nice, Kubo-sensei. Even if Ryuuken or someone else has to show up to save her from what she can't handle, I just want to see her try. I just want to see her jarred into a sense that she HAS to defend herself. I've been sick of waiting all these years for her just vowing to fight alongside her friends and not doing so and having whole herds of fandom decide that she's a pacifist, destined to be the story's healer (ergo Tsubaki can be lacquered and hung on her booksack with a pretty chain).

No, no, no. Sensei may be taking his time, but Orihime's story is the story of "I will learn to depend less on others to SAVE me and I will learn to try even when I am afraid of failing." She's a self-perceptive girl. When she answers her own questions, she'll live up to her own promises, and shoot Tsubaki. Not this week--it's too soon. But karate? When have we ever seen Orihime save herself? Someone else has always, always saved her. A black belt. A girl whose powers have been said to trespass on the realm of G-d.

Orihime's coming-of-age story began on a rooftop with Ishida in the SS arc when she failed to shoot Tsubaki properly and she looked wistfully at Ishida and wondered what she had been doing with her training while Ishida spent 10 days learning the Sanrei Glove. Then Orihime made her vow before going into battle that she would fight. She failed--she didn't fight in the last arc but we had the beginnings of Socratic wisdom and a telling question: "Why... why do I always rely on him?" (Him being Ichigo) Her last words to herself on the dome. One doesn't ask such a question with eventually coming upon an answer.

So far in this arc we've seen Orihime looking bubbly and beautiful, sliding down a drainpipe and radiating her old charm. But I get the feeling's something's off. Yes, she's still madly in love with Kurosaki-kun. It's not as cute as it used to be. Kubo-sensei even had to give us a warning. The sidetext said "Warning: Orihime Vision" when Orihime worked herself into a frenzy imagining her dreamboy inviting her in for date and then, for comedic effect, she fell on the floor in a spasm of appreciation over Ichigo's supposed kindness when he gave her back some of the bread that SHE had given to him in the first place. Then the phone rang and it was Ishida (well, not Uryuu in the hospital but his father with the eventual warning that all was not well in the sleepy village of Karakura!)

Kurosaki-kun isn't here now. He doesn't have the shunpou or other Shinigami powers to run to her rescue. Will we see a hint of the marvelous Orihime who's to come? It's too early for her BIG MOMENT. But it's not too early for just a little bit, just a tiny tiny bit of promise. Please, Sensei. I've waited so long.

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