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Bleach 437 is Out

Bleach 437 is out at MangaStream.

As usual, tweeting to Kubo about this chapter or using icons from this chapter in your tweets to him == Bad Idea. Unless you wanna get blocked by him, anyway.

Awww. The soul of Ichigo's badge remembers Ichigo's battles. <3333

Ichigoooo. *hugs him* It's nice to see him battling and learning to understand his new powers through trial and error and thinking. Unlike what some people initially assumed based on the spoilers, Ichigo's Fullbring powers don't fail here - it's just that the form of his Fullbring powers are different from his shinigami powers. But I suppose we'll see what other forms, if any, his Fullbring powers can take later on. And hopefully we'll learn why he even has Fullbring powers and how that'll help him become a shinigami again.

Ichigo realizes that his Fullbring power feels like Getsuga Tenshou. Ginjou notes that Ichigo's demeanor changes instantly in that moment, and Ichigo starts to fight with a cool head. Old Ichigo, please be on your way back in. <3333 And I guess that Ginjou is hinting at Ichigo being instinctively good at fighting.

I wonder if nehalenia is right in her prediction, that the guy who's found Inoue is just some random street punk of no consequence. He doesn't look supernaturally dangerous. If that's the case, then maybe we won't learn anything about Inoue's hairpins - surely Inoue can handle this guy on her own without the need for her powers.

On the other hand, if he is more than what he seems - and he's another Fullbringer or enemy - then I honestly don't think Inoue will do much, if anything, to save herself. At most, we might learn where her hairpins are, but that's about it. Based on how Inoue has been characterized so far this arc - i.e., serious character regression - it seems unlikely she's been using her powers or that she'd whip them out if placed in danger.

Re: the whole OMG SWASTIKA thing

I don't know why people are freaking out about this like six years later, but yes, this is a swastika. Deal with it.

One of the kanji used in "bankai" (卍解) is "manji" (卍) or the swastika, so every time that a character says "bankai" in the manga, "manji" or the swastika is on that page. "Manji"/swasitka also appears on some anime Bleach TV commercials (usually when Ichigo says "bankai", of course).

As well, the swastika is the guard for Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu, so it makes sense that the symbol would appear for Ichigo's Fullbring. The swastika symbol in Bleach is nothing new. and other websites (or encyclopedias, etc.) have information on the symbol and its uses in different cultures.

There's also some info on the two different swastikas, omote manji and ura manji, in this comment from the last chapter post. The swastika used in Bleach is omote manji, while the one used by Nazis is the reversed ura manji.

ETA3: The thug IS apparently just a thug.

escarboucle and some others pointed out that the thug in this chapter is probably from the same school as the gang who came after Ichigo early on this arc. "Miyakou" may be short for "Miyashita Commercial" (the "kou" used is 工). Also the school uniforms look the same, from what we can see.
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