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"Hey, Fullbringing" or a post on the roots of Fullbringing as portrayed in the last 5 chapters

Yo. It's time for my yearly 'Possibly somewhat useful' post. Expect nothing coherent from me for the rest of the year.

Just wanted to touch bases with people for a bit on the subject of Fullbringing, and the causes thereof. With Chad's explanation of how 'pride' figured into his supposed awakening as a Fullbringer, I noticed a lot of people were looking at Ichigo's level ding and going 'Hey wait where does pride fit into this?' Short answer? It probably doesn't.

Long hypothesis:

Based on the phrasing of the JP raw and the subsequent (good) English translations, from what I can gather Fullbringing works like this.

Person A that has experienced Hollow contamination has a strong personal attachment to an item/feature that stems from either either own taste or inclinations, their feelings, or feelings brought about by another person or event. Due to the strong personal emotions or symbolism attached to that particular object, they are able to influence the 'soul' of the item, because they have an affinity to it.

Riruka loves cute things. Obsessed with them, to the point of wanting to be crushed to death by cute stuff. She channels this overwhelming affection for specific cute items into her dollhouse. She calls it love, which confuses the hell out of Ichigo, but what she means by that is that the dollhouse becomes the focus for her feelings of love for cute things-- not that she actually LOVES the dollhouse. The dollhouse is an important item to her clearly, but it's what the dollhouse represents that is the important thing here, just as Chad's skin is the symbol to him of his pride in his heritage and of his grandfather. If you wanted to extrapolate from this you could probably come up with some pretty interesting backstories for Creepy Time Butler and Ramen Guy.

Ichigo when first told about Riruka loving the dollhouse is understandably a little put off, and tries to explain that he can't really say that he loves his badge, or is necessarily extremely fond of it, but he keeps it on his person at all times. Chad, trying to phrase this in a way Ichigo will understand, explains his motivations for being able to Fullbring (pride connected to his grandfather) and tells Ichigo that he needs to think of a time when he was proud to be a shinigami, and the badge will respond to his memories. Ichigo flips through a catalogue in his brain of all the times he was proud to be a shinigami, thinks about how there's too many, then hits on a specific memory and Fullbrings his badge.

The unifying trait in all of these examples isn't 'pride', it's strong emotion brought about by a single catalyst with a beloved object associated with those emotions serving as the focus for them. We've only got three concrete examples of 'reasons to Fullbring' so far in the manga-- Riruka's love of certain cute objects, Chad's intense emotions related to his grandfather, and Ichigo. When Riruka Fullbrings her dollhouse, she's thinking of all the cute things in the world she loves. The first time Chad was able to Fullbring his arm, he was thinking of his grandfather. Ichigo tries several different memories before hitting on one that allows him to utilize his ability, and the memory that kicks it off isn't really related to 'pride' in context. Thus the confusion.

I've had people go into the whole "KUBO IS FULLBRINGING THE SOUL OF THE HEART" and "So Ramen Dude must have really loved that liquor to Fullbring it out of the glass" jokes. (I laughed at THE HEART one admittedly.) My going theory so far is that once you learn to Fullbring the soul of your focus item, using your superpowers to manipulate objects far less important to you probably becomes easy. Even liquor. Even liquor. EVEN LIQUOR.

Short theory: A powerful impulse, experience or emotion tied to a physical object are the catalysts for Fullbring.

Something you'd like to add? Fullbring the soul of the comment box and manifest your powers unto me.

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