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Bleach 436 is Out

Bleach 436 is out at Mangastream.

REMINDER: Do not tweet to Kubo about this chapter until Monday.

Giriko's Fullbring is super creepy. I guess "deadline" in this case is literal.

Awww. Chad's so sweet. More Chad/Ichigo BFFness in this chapter. <3333

Chad attributes his Fullbring activation to "pride." However, he then says that his grandfather/abuelo was in his heart at that time, and his Fullbring reacted to his "heart." I'm really glad Kubo highlighted again just how important Chad's abuelo was to him - his abuelo was the source of his pride in his heritage, his skin color, and himself.

Ichigo tries to think of one particular moment in which he was proud to be a shinigami - flashing back to numerous past events, represented by old panels - and is overwhelmed by the number of examples. At the end, he has a memory of Rukia, disappearing and smiling bittersweetly (and, noticeably, in a new drawing, a different version of the parting scene from chapter 423), and his badge appears to respond, forming a shape similar to his Tensa Zangetsu guard. Does that mean his badge reacted to Rukia in his heart? I suppose some might argue that it was all of his nakama, but I think Rukia was the trigger or what pushed him over.

IIRC, someone on 4chan commented that in each of the flashbacks Ichigo has, Rukia was also present, which is an interesting point.

With all that said.... RUKIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH~! *clings to beautiful Rukia* ;___;

P.S. This is the WSJ chapter that'll be officially released in Japan on Valentine's Day, so Happy Valentine's Day in advance! <3333

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