ruinin fuckin' everything (allelujah) wrote in bleachness,
ruinin fuckin' everything

The Validity of NnoiNel / A NnoiNel Manifesto Mark 2

I strike again! this time with even more panels from the manga! Oh my back hurts, why does my back hurt I'm lying in bed?! With permission from Debbie, I will link everyone to my new NnoiNel manifesto. As most of you know, I was 16 when I wrote the first one. Now, I'm nearly 19 and there are some crucial changes in the entire idea I wanted to present. Without further ado, have at it:

The Validity of NnoiNel. A manifesto to detail what makes NnoiNel tick
To the nnoinel comm! (imagine that like 80's cartoon TO THE BATMAN! sound)
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