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Weekend Fanworks Post

Weekend Fanworks Post


The co-maintainers and I here at bleachness have heard you via polls and PMs and to answer the majority of members we’re instituting a Weekend Fanworks Post starting this coming weekend, February 5, 2011. Here’s how it works:


1. Fanworks—that includes fanfic, fanart, icon posts, AMVs and MMVs, food art, you get the picture—can only be posted on the weekend in the bleachness  community by community members under one general weekend fanworks post. Any member may start the post and on either day of the week—for example if no one has started a fandom works post on Saturday then anyone may start on Sunday. Whoever starts the post is please asked to tag it weekend fanworks post. There will be no fanworks post made on other days.


2. There is only one weekend fanworks post. Each fanwork (or a series of your own fanwork) is linked to the one post in a comment.  If you’re a member of capslock_bleach , then you know how these member posts work: one person makes an entry on wtf Wednesday and members add their contributions in the comments.


3. The exceptions to the weekend fanworks post are as follows:


a)      deebie’s work. This community started as a repository for my own fanwork and my fics are listed in the tags. I don’t cross-post my work anywhere else so I’m going to continue to post my stories and (bad) arts when I finish them.


b)      gifts to deebie.  This community has always been characterized by impromptu gifts and that’s part of what makes it fun. Now we know that I have particular tastes and so gifts to me may be Ishida-ish or pairing specific (RenIshi, IshiHime, IchiIshi) or sometimes it’s a fandom comic but as I’ve always said, this community has a flavor and it’s never advertised itself as a generic forum. Pick up any news magazine and it is characterized by its editors. You don’t expect The National Review to be like Mother Jones and even anime/manga forums outside LJ have their style (e.g. Bleach Asylum doesn’t allow hate clubs; Bleach Exile allows death and mutilation of characters in hate clubs). I’ve always loved surprises and personal gifts on the community. Art drawn specifically for me gets a treasured place on my website too. <3 Love me, please.


c)      long essays.  Essays are considered a form of fanwork by some, although essays are meant to stimulate discourse. Here, we’ll consider them both fanwork and discussion but consider them exempt from the weekend post. PLEASE NOTE THIS NEW RULE: While discussion topics and short paragraphs meant to encourage discussion may be posted any day of the week, long essays (such as those referenced with manga panels, footnotes to Freud, the DSM IV, major or minor works of literature—you get the picture) should first be cleared with me before being posted; please PM me, _debbiechan_ [note the underscores before and after my user name] so I can gauge the essay’s appropriateness for the community.


d)       announced contests.  If you want to announce a contest on this community or have an idea for a contest to be held on bleachness  , please check with me or the other mods (aizome , vayshti  , nehalenia  , karenai ) via PM.




I’m still thinking about a fanworks rec post to coincide with the weekend fanworks post. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to ask questions. I'll update the user info with a link to this post.

ETA: THE NEW RULE: You can make personal fanwork recs in the fanworks post too. Now, go ahead, rec away, add links to your own artwork and feel free to ask members for suggestions to particular types of works you’d like to see or for links to those arts/fics you can’t find anymore in comments/subthreads to the weekend fanworks post.


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