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Fights, chpt 255

 I have to say that the fights in this Hueco Mundo arc so far have not been mesmerizing. Never mind the fact that Ichigo keeps losing (I actually enjoy that--gives the boy something to overcome), there's been no fight where I hadn't guessed part or all of the outcome.  I honestly haven't enjoyed watching Ichigo fight since his battle with Kenpachi.

My favorite battles of the SS arc were 1) Quincy versus Mayuri (naturally bc of Ishida but it was a weird battle indeed, full of lots of twists and different weapons) and 2) Kenpachi versus Tousen (a cerebral fight! And with Kenpachi of all people! He had to use his brain!)

Looks like we've got a long-range weapons fight coming up now with Dominatrix vs Quincy.  I'm getting spoiled with so much Ishida in this arc, but even it this fight were NOT involving him, I'd be so ready to see something other than swords.

Can't tell from the raw wtf happens on that last page--either Ishida gets his arm cut off by the whip or one of his cape's epaulettes goes flying. Either thing is going to piss him off and he'll be able to kill this bitch. YEY!

oh yeah and there's some Arrancar and Gin action too that should be interesting me but it's not because Ishida's in this chapter.
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