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02 February 2011 @ 04:16 pm
Bleach 435 is Out  
Bleach 435 is out at MangaStream.

REMINDER: Don't tweet to Kubo about the chapter until Monday. Ditto on your tweets to him using avatars from the chapter.

The sheer amount of hilarious crack in this chapter is amazing. Of course most of it's due to Riruka being Riruka (Fullbring's an ability of "love", telling Ichigo just to use Fullbring but not giving him any hints on how to do so because she doesn't know anything about that, insulting Ginjou, stuffing herself with food out of tsundere worry, etc.), as well as Mr. Pork with the yakuza guy Riruka kidnapped inside it...

Ichigo always carries about his shinigami representative badge, so he realizes that's the key to unlocking his Fullbring. Guess he's "fond" of or "in love with" his badge. XD And Chad, being Ichigo's BFF, realizes Ichigo should use it too. Chad+Ichigo <3333 Glad to know someone is concerned for Ichigo. ;__;

And, uh, Ichigo can use Fullbring? Does that mean he inherited the ability to use Fullbring via Isshin or Masaki? And if it's through Isshin, does that mean all shinigami have the ability to use Fullbring? Or just the offspring of a shinigami who was attacked by a hollow? Or just shinigami/human offspring? Or is something else giving him this ability? >_>

Mad Beast Mode. More crack next week, looks like. <3

Avelera: Fight like a Girlathena799 on February 2nd, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
It might not have to be her mother, perhaps being attacked by her brother represents it being "close" enough to become a Fullbringer.

It would be interesting. I'm just curious, whatever happened to the idea that Ichigo's reiatsu is what got Inoue and Chad to develop powers? Is that still a factor, or were they always Fullbringers, or did it make them Fullbringers? It would be interesting if it just helped things along, otherwise wouldn't EVERYONE around him have powers?
Running on Coffee and Schadenfreudearcadiasilver on February 2nd, 2011 10:08 pm (UTC)
The whole "Ichigo's powers gave Chad and Inoue theirs" was a red herring. It was the Hobaby inside Rukia that responded to their wishes to not be powerless and activated latent abilities.