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289 SPOILERS AND PIC (late I know! lol)

*bows, bows* Yes, MOST of you thought I couldn't do it but you underestimated Scorpio Willpower. I've just finished reading chapter 289 in scanlation.

I was PURE, no looking at chapter forums, the Chinese Raw, not taking a peek. I knew it, I knew it, NEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL.

The fans have been saying the Desert Bros may be all super Arrancar since the moment they showed up. Anyway.... Tesla is my new shota love (why do I have the feeling Nell is going to toast him in the next chapter! No, Nell! Leave my shota love alone!

And it was nice to read the whole chapter and to be able to LOL when Ishida hurt his hand. *kisses it*. I love Bleach. Not again, not differently, I just still love it.

Are those the horns of the Execution Squad? What does this pic mean? Huh? SHIROSAKI, I'VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR YOU MY SEXY THANG.

For those of you who asked where I get my spoilers, I'm usually online early in the morning with some who can read Japanese and pick up the buzz on 2chan then I go to the Bleach Asylum Chapter Thread where Spacey will post what he has and the rumors will flood in and Annie will usually give this AWESOME summary and eventually we'll get a script and the Chinese Raw and then it's only a matter of hours before there's a speed scan up at Mangahelpers.

I've never done this for any other manga--ridden the spoiler train. Tis very fun. It's like the casino. I'm honing my prediction skills.

I posted part three of the Shounen Intent fan essay here and now I'm going to try to take a little bit of a fandom break until after the High Holidays (Big Jewish Easter and Christmas rolled into one, folks). If I make it through this time without writing any smut, I'll let you know... but I gots a RenIshi cooking and a IshiHime for Orihime's birthday Sept 3. I have a long list... <.<
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