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Bleachness feedback day again

Hey everyone,
We're a few months late (sorry! Damn those RLs) but the mods and I said we'd get back to this subject eventually based on your responses from the last feedback day ( here and here). So what's the subject? Fanwork posts by members.

To give some background on the issue, although bleachness . soul_society  and all_for_bleach  are such general communities and kurosaki_clinic  is a fic community). I don't think there are people on here who want to get rid of fanworks posts--or if there are, they're a minority. So for the record, I like fanworks and I own the place and this ain't no democracy so the fanworks stay. :)

Because this community is so big, though, if more members started posting their fanworks, a lot of the news and discussion posts people have come to identify as the core of this community would be lost in the flood. So far, I personally haven't had much of a problem with the amount of fanwork posted on this community and I'm always glad to see it. I don't comment on all of it because I don't have time. I do see, however, how it can get to be a problem if the same members are posting their own work over and over and using the community as an archive while other members are shy about posting their work for fear that they're "in" enough with me or the community. I've received some PMs from members who say that they have plenty other places to go to for fanworks,that bleachness  is where they come for special discussion and they don't like to wade through fanwork posts on the front page. The mods and I have talked about it, and it seems that maybe a day set aside for readers to expect fanwork posts would work to alleviate all these issues.

Tell us what you think.

ETA: I had to delete the previous post bc the LJ poll wasn't working--this one is. I saved the comments from those of you who were kind enough to leave them--you may repost them if you want and vote again.

Poll #1672390 Feedback Poll Time Again

What I'd like to see happen with fanart, fanfic, graphics and icon postings in bleachness is (check as many as you like)

One day a week relegated for art, another for fic, another for graphics--fanworks by comm members would be disallowed except on those specified days
a separate day of the week for all fanworks (the rest of the week is for news and discussion posts)
hey, everything's fine as it is by me--I'm not overwhelmed by fanworks posts!
making the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) when there's no chapter and things are slow the only time allowed to post fanworks
Other (explain in comment)
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