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 So I've recently gotten into the Bleach Community. Recently as in I watched 100 episodes a week for three weeks in December and now read the manga every week. So I'm a bleach n00b... *shudders uncontrollably*. However, while I am new to bleach I am not new to online fandom communities in any way. I happen to belong to one of the biggest fandoms there is, ie. Harry Potter (yeah, twilight wishes it could catch our fictions on FF.net). I've been waist deep in Harry Potter for about 10 years (changed names like 3 times, don't look for me). So I've been around the block somewhat (and sound old, but I'm not at all).

Anyway, this idea was given to me by empathapathique  who posted over atichi_ruki and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm stealing half of her post to explain this stuff. Pretty much, one thing that the HP fandom has that makes the constantly putting out fictions is fic exchanges and fests. The explanation (once again swiped from empathapathique ).

Fic Exchange/Fests:

A community is formed calling for writers (and in some cases artists as well. I'm only going to talk about writers here, for the sake of not being confusing) to sign up to participate in an "exchange" of fics. During sign up, participants fill out a "form" indicating a rough idea of the story they'd like to receive. This includes things the story MUST have (like babies, or rainbows, of Papa Isshin), and things it ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANNOT have (like... sex, or Aizen, or anything else that may squick you).

On the same form, participants also indicate the ratings that they'd feel comfortable writing, and the ratings that they'd not feel comfortable writing. The forms are then "distributed" between participants so that each participant who signed up receives a request that they must fill by the due date (usually about 6 to 8 weeks in the future). In this way, everyone will write a story as a gift, and everyone will receive on as a gift, so that fics are "exchanged." Participants email the moderator their finished work by the due date, and the moderator posts the stories to the community without the writer's name on it. (This part is actually unnecessary, however it does add a fun spin to the exchange); names are revealed in the end. Sometimes, there are awards that readers vote on for the best fic, best romance, best comedy, etc. My point is, it's fun, everyone gets a fic, and it produces new material for the fandom.

*cough end my thievery of explanation*

While she posted it specifically for Ichi_Ruki, I'm willing to make one for Bleach-wide, or even several. Because as much as I personally love Ichi/Ruki, I also love Ichi/Nel and despite my love for both of those heteropairings Grimm/Ichi is giving me life and ever since watching the 2nd movie Toshiro/Ichigo is nice... and well... there is no Yaoi pairing I'm not willing to give a try.

I'm pretty much hoping to gather support for the creation of one of these fics and to start a fest. If you're interested post here with your email address or something and we can talk about what you're willing to do and help with. Even if you don't think you can be a mod if you think it's something you'd like to participate in just drop a line so that I (hopefully becoming a we) can know that what your interested in.
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