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Bleach Anime NOT Ending

Bleach anime not ending apparently! Sorry to disappoint those of you who had hoped for a hiatus and a refresher! XD

I updated the original post on the matter but here's the basic info:

Rumors Denied. On Twitter, zack_mori (aka as Morita Yosuke, assistant recording director of the Bleach anime) wrote "The airing schedule has been fixed far in advance and it won't be ended soon." His tweet is here

and from melodymix  here
and ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's blog:

破面篇を読んだ感動そのままに、今回の僕達の曲がクライマックスにぴったりという気持ちを書い たつもりが、
「クール 」という言葉のせいで、誤解を招くような表現になってしまいました。
[Note: Rough Translation]
"After reading the Arrancar Arc I just wrote down my opinion: I intended to say, the climax of the Arc fits perfectly to our song, however due to the use of the word "Cool", it ended up becoming a huge misunderstood situation”
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