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Bleach 433 is Up

Bleach 433 is out at Mangastream.

Remember not to tweet to Kubo (even though he's sick T_T) about this chapter until Monday.

Really love the color page. It's hot.

There are many different meanings for "heart" in Bleach, so I always laugh at those who think that one character's "heart" is the same as all other "hearts" in the series XD

Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu aren't the first shinigami/human offspring ever in the history of the world. Color me completely unsurprised.

What I am surprised by, though, is the whole "Fullbringer" thing - that their parents were attacked by hollows, and hollow-power remnants can apparently linger in humans, even being passed down onto their children. Creepy. These Fullbringers don't like their hollow-like powers, so they want to get rid of them by passing them onto a shinigami/human.

AND CHAD'S A FULLBRINGER. T__T (He's #6.) So at least one of Chad's parents was attacked by a hollow, and this explains why his powers are sorta hollow-like.

Oh, Chad. You're the best friend ever T____T You'll give up your powers if it means helping Ichigo restore his own T____T Oh, Chaaaaad. Chaaaaad. You sweet, wonderful boy. T___T

I love that Chad's able to see how much Ichigo's been hurting for the past 17 months, how much he's been hiding and denying and lying to himself. How desperately Ichigo wants to fight again so that he can protect those around him. Chad may not speak much, and he has been hugely overlooked in the manga for the last few years, but I love how in a few pages, Kubo shows just how much Chad really understands and gets Ichigo. And how much he cares for Ichigo - seeing Ichigo lying to himself hurts Chad, so that he can't even really look at him. And now Chad will sacrifice his own powers to help Ichigo. Chaaaad. T__T

Riruka cracks me up. She's crazy. And she thinks Ichigo's a hottie. <333 And Ichigo is completely clueless, as usual. Poor kid.

So what's next, then. How will the Fullbringers transfer their powers to Ichigo (it can't be easy, obviously), and what will happen to Chaaaad? T___T What about the dude who attacked Ishida? Is he perhaps a Fullbringer who actually enjoys his powers and doesn't want to part with them? Also, what's up with Ginjou having that shinigami badge when he was first introduced?

ETA #2: Clarification: scuttling pointed out that the Fullbringers need to restore Ichigo's shinigami powers first before they can give him their powers, not that giving him their powers will restore his. One wonders then how many human/shinigami like Ichigo there have been before? Or does the recipient of the Fullbringer power just need to be more like Karin - a human with latent shinigami abilities?

And is the Fullbringers' power itself necessary to restoring Ichigo's abilities? One would think Urahara and Isshin would talk to Ichigo if they knew of a way to restore his powers, at least some point before 17 months. Furthermore, what would be the point of getting Chad, unless Fullbringer powers weren't necessary? (Unless bringing in Chad is a way to manipulate Ichigo.)
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