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Butler Ishida Vector

I had fun vectoring Maid-sama Orihime-chan, so I decided to pair her up with Shitsuji-sama (Butler) Uryuu-kun. When I first saw this scan, I immediately thought of Uryuu as more of a master than a butler. But the set did feature maids and butler, so yeah...I know...

He definitely reminds me of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji series. Probably because of the hairstyle the most. Anyway, it was pretty easy to vector him. I especially love the hair part the most. I do think the tea is weird. Erm... Oh well... Enjoy!

Doesn't he look handsome?

NO BACKGROUND VERSION IS HERE: http://www.animepaper.net/art/188623/shiro-shitsuji-ishida-uryuu

Shiro Shitsuji Ishida Uryuu by ~jczala on deviantART

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