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Hellverse Final Numbers, Dumb Poll, etc

First, the really important breaking Bleach news: I GOTS A BUNNY HOOD. It doesn't look exactly like Orihime's but it's cute. The one my daughter has is closer to Hime's but pink. These things are selling like hotcakes on Ebay.

Second, has 2011 been treating everyone nicely so far? I have a tangerine tree in my backyard and I've been envisioning it full of Bleach characters. Seems that Sensei's citrus stunt has become a fandom meme.

from pixiv:

from piccun² at Naruto Forums (that place is so wildly entertaining--I must say for all the times I see it quote my friends' translations here w/o credit, it makes me LOL with its manip threads):

Ah, these weeks without a chapter were a little scary--I ventured into some places I shouldn't have. I always thought that YouTube comments were the bottom of the barrel as far as dumbass and puerile goes but nope. Gah, this is what happens when my friends go on honeymoons and vacations--I seek out spooky forums. Then I remember I have my own damn community of friends and I can talk about whatever bleachness I want so, hey, dumb poll:

Poll #1666485 The Lost Agent Arc

How Long Will the Lost Agent Arc Last?

Until Bleach's 10th anniversary this coming summer thereabouts
Yahoo!Answers says 7 months.
If Kubo-sensei doesn't know, how the heck am I supposed to know?

Who do you expect to see again before this arc is over?

Rukia, du'uh
A Visored or two (whether on Earth or back in SS, who knows?)
Grimmjow, oh yeah, we got the hint.
Mayuri with a whole army of Arrancar

Seriously, what do expect to happen in this arc?

Sado gets to flex his muscles and develop his character
Ichigo regains his powers in a jiffy
Ichigo DOESN'T regain his powers in a jiffy
Ishida fights book-reading guy in payback match!
Orihime reveals location of hairpins--at the very least Kubo owes us that! C'mon, KUBO!
Fullbringers' identities not revealed (that's for the next arc)
Ichigo job comedy (housesitting rabbits, etc)
Some glorious Isshin
Mere mentions and teases of glorious Isshin
I have no clue

Finally, from nacchan here at IchiRuki FC at BA, the final numbers on Hellverse are in. According to zack_mori (twitter name for Bleach anime soundman) today is the last day for the movie to play in the theatres). Hellverse didn't make as much money in its closing sums as Memories of Nobody, Diamond Dust Rebellion, or Fade to Black.

The best movie of the bunch rakes in the least money? Annie remembers that I predicted that it wouldn't do as well as FTB because of repeat business. I'm sad for Kubo-sensei to be right. After reading summaries of Hellverse I do believe it to be a well-made movie with lots of devotion to the authenticity of the characters, great fights and a little something for everyone... I don't believe that the absence of the Shinigami OR the presence of Orihime were that much a deciding factor in the movie's relative failure compared to DDR and FTB. I do believe that the repeat success of DDR and FTB had to do with the fervor of their respective fandoms (Hitsugaya and IchiRuki).
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