nivek01 (nivek01) wrote in bleachness,

It's Up!

 ...and not a day too soon. I figured, with me starting up school again tomorrow, I might as well get this out tonight. Anyway, remember when I suggested that we do some form of weekly discussion, which quickly evolved into an idea for a community? Well... here you go. 

theoriez is a Livejournal community devoted to discussion Bleach! Either we'll burn out quickly, or retain life and grow to be self-sustaining. Either way, I hope that you check it out. I have a grand total of two posts up-guidelines, and a long analysis of the current arc, starting at 423. I'll have an essay on the (possible) origins of Xcution up by the end of the month. And I'll be posting weekly posts on the current chapters.

You're free to post theories and character analysis's of your own, along with really any essay (I like reading them.) Just drop me a PM first, and try to keep it free of bashing-though, if a character makes a mistake, don't downplay it. I'm not exactly what you would call proud of Ichigo right now. But that's off topic.

So, swing over as you're browsing through this wonderful community, leave a comment on my possible ramblings of insanity, and try to enjoy yourself. (Thanks to debbie for putting up with my accidental condescending tone [I have an inherent fear of offending people, especially over the internet.] and anyone who dropped a comment when I first posted this idea.)
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